How Accurate is UPhotoMeasure ?

sidewalkviewI get asked this question many times.  Our software can measure down to 1/32nd of an inch. However, there are several factors involved in getting the most accurate measurements possible. Please read the User Guide prior to using your software and follow the guidelines on how to take the photograph and then on how to load your photograph into the software.    It is important to place the DigiTarget somewhere in the area to be photographed & measured. Once you have loaded your photo into the uPHOTOMEASURE software, identify and zoom into the DigiTarget as close as possible. Completely cover the DigiTarget in your photo with the DigiTarget selection tool. You can now adjust the four corners of the DigiTarget selection tool. The more accurately you place the four points will have a major impact on how accurate your measurements will be.

To download our user guide please Click Here:  USER MANUAL

Creative Ways to Use uPHOTOMEASURE

crashsceneForensic Photography - Evidence Technicians Have a New Tool

You're at a crime scene or fire scene. Using your digital camera you take multiple shots of the evidence, download the photos into your laptop and instantly get pictures that display accurate measurements of all elements within the photo.

It's all made possible by uPHOTOMEASURE software, an amazing application that transforms any digital camera (three megapixels or greater) into an accurate measuring device.

At the scene you place a DigiTarget among the evidence. DigiTargets come in various sizes to accommodate any size crime or fire scene and are included in the software kit. Others are easily available by mail or by download.

After you take the photos you download them into a laptop at the scene or email them to a computer at the lab and open them in the uPHOTOMEASURE software. The program automatically measures everything within the photo with 95 to 99.5 percent accuracy. You can then make color prints and archive the digital photos in your computer or on a storage disk for later use.

The uPHOTOMEASURE software has a myriad of forensic uses including arson investigations, building inspections, crash recreations, skid mapping and more. One police department uses the software to take pictures of suspects to accurately measure their height. Officers on the scene take digital photos immediately and later compare them with the evidence tech's photos.

To discover how uPHOTOMEASURE software can make your job easier, we invite you to take a short tour by clicking on www.uPHOTOMEASURE.com and then clicking on Take a Tour.

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After many years of just publishing infomration on our uPhotoMeasure Site, we figured after close to 10 years we probably should get around to creating a DigiContractor Web Site... Well here it is !  


On this site we will be able to provide a little more information on the history of DigiContractor, bacground on some recent corporate and organizational changes, as well as some of the goals and objectives we have for updating and enhancing uPhotoMeasure, and developing an innovative workflow and services model online.


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