About DigiContractor Corporation:

Formed in 2004, The California and Colorado based team at DigiContractor is a multidisciplinary management team that combines experienced general contractors, successful top managers experienced in launching and developing international Companies, and a technical team highly skilled in complex software-hardware solution developments.   DigiContractor is the developer of uPhotoMeasure, a unique "PhotoGammerty-based" software solution that measures the dimensions and areas of objects in digital images taken with digital cameras. 

Paul Minor, the founder of DigiContractor, spent years working as a general contractor and had become accustomed to estimating measurements using just a photo. But he knew that using software could ensure accurate measurements.  While originally developed to measure items in a photograph for construction purposes, uPhotoMeasure has evolved and can be applied to calculate measurements in variety of applications—from landscaping or flooring projects to crime scenes or auto accidents.

When given a digital photo, uPhotoMeasure defines a point of reference—which can be anything in the image with a known measurement, such as a window, tile, or DigiTarget (a square of material sold by DigiContractor)—and it then uses that point of reference to generate measurements of the length, width, area, perimeter, or circumference of other items in the picture.  According to the company, uPhotoMeasure can make measurements with at least 95 percent accuracy.

DigiContractor licensed NASA technology in 2008 to improve on it's initial design of uPhotoMeasure.  The company dissected the NASA version and incorporated some of their technology into the core of uPhotoMeasure to improve upon the algorithms and provide an added level of accuracy.

Paul Minor:
paulminorpicThe Founder of DigiContractor Corporation is a 30 year + experienced entrepreneur, general contractor, author, writer, and speaker.  Paul was the primary investor in UPhotoMeasure and envisioned the initial uPhotoMeasure application while operating as a General Contractor.  Paul is a successful entrepreneur and a licensed general contractor who has been successful in multiple business enterprises. In 1978, Paul became a full partner in Foto Products Corporation headquartered in Beverly Hills CA. The company imported and marketed low-end cameras to the mass markets in the U.S. and Mexico under the Galaxy brand name. He sold his ownership in 1983. He then launched an imprint novelty franchise chain within thirteen western states. He also founded the first American owned Chinese fast food franchise chain under the trade name China Grove at the same time. These franchises operated in major regional shopping malls in California. After obtaining franchise licensing in the United States, England and Germany, he successfully divested the chain in 1988. Shortly afterwards, he founded Sunbolt Global Inc. doing business under the trade name California Spa and Pool Services, under a California contractor license. Paul developed the first flat rate pricing system for the pool and spa industry. He was nominated and served on the pool and a spa industry national board, and was an editorial writer for the Pool and Spa Industry News Magazine. As a general contractor he has been active in the real estate contracting field for over 15 years. He is a public speaker, lecturer, author and writer, encompassing all aspects of real estate investing and contracting.

Mike Schmidt:
mikeschmidtpicMr. Schmidt is a Business Development Professional with 30+ year international business development and start-up experience in Satellite Internet, Broadband Wireless, Industrial Computing, Video Teleconferencing, Mobile Radio Networks, Data Broadcasting.  As a marketing and sales professional/ entrepreneur with integrated skills in both technology and marketing/sales disciplines, Mr. Schmidt has extensive international start-up company experience and management-level consulting engagements with over 50 clients worldwide.   Technical Skills include; new product design, development, project planning, software definition and creation, and product engineering prototype work, manufacturing support, and logistics.  Marketing/sales skills encompass; advertising, promotion, public relations, trade show coordination, publications design, direct mail campaigns, seminars, customer training, technical support, sales management, sales training, and account management

Mr. Schmidt's Management experience includes; management of company profit centers, project teams, forecasting, budgeting, and start-up of companies in the US, UK, and Asia. Comfortable with new start-up companies and product/service offerings. Have traveled extensively both domestically and internationally in the USA, Canada, Central and Latin America, UK, (Wales, Ireland, Scotland), Europe, Central and Latin America, Asia, and South Africa.   Fast Track Sales Experience: Eastern Regional Sales Growth Experience of 230% over quota managing instrumentation sales reps over 6 months that led to promotion to create and lead new division to generate sales over $4.65 Million in 12 months as National Sales Manager of new Industrial PC division inside existing $15M Data Acquisition & Controls Company.  Mr. Schmidt has owned and operated 2 separate ISP's from 1995 through 2008 offering ATM/Fiber-based broadband internet, intranet and extranet services, web-hosting, streaming audio and video services, audio and video web-streaming services, digital audio satellite-two-web streaming services (1996) as well as fixed licensed 39Ghz and unlicensed wireless WiFi services (2002-2008).

Our Product Mission and Vision:

Our Product Mission and Vision is simple:  Sell and support the most time efficient method to make, save and share digital image measurements. We pride ourselves in our technical innovation and research processes and we know that we can find a solution or application for using our product in most situations where a measurement is needed.   Our patented software is the BEST way to collect, communicate, print and archive complex measurement projects. Just one use of uPHOTOMEASURE and you'll agree that it is the most cost effective method to make and organize your measurements.

uPHOTOMEASURE can be applied to Home, Landscaping and Commercial Project Evaluation, Property and Casualty Evaluation, Investigations, Forensics, Law Enforcement, Accident Scene, Exterior and Interior Design, and much more...


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