• Take a Photograph with your Digital Camera or Smartphone...
    Load it into the software, take measurements, save and share...
  • uPhotoMeasure can be applied to Residential and Commercial Projects.
    Property & Casualty Investigations, Forensics, Law Enforcement, Accident Scene, Investigations...
  • For Commercial Developers, Architects, Real Estate Agents:
    Take Long Range Site Photos and Apply Measurements to them...
  • Use Aerial or Satellite Images for Roof and HVAC Maintenance
    Commercial Roof Repair Estimates, and HVAC Sizing...
  • Use for Civil Engineering, and Industrial Photo Documentation Needs
    Roadways, and Bridge Documentation, Piping Diagrams, etc...
  • Residential Real Estate, Resorts, TI Improvements
    Pool and Spa Construction, Maintenance and Repair...
  • uPhotoMeasure is Perfect for many Photo Measure Needs...
    What does your unique application require ? Bring it to DigiContractor !

Welcome to DigiContractor:

Since 2006, DigiContractor Corporation, has developed, and deployed an innovative digital measurement software solution for business, commercial and personal use under the brand and trade name, uPhotoMeasure (UPM).  

uPhotoMeasure leverages a combination of its own patented technology combined with unique NASA licensed, photogrammetric measuring algorithms that DigiContractor has refined and adapted for accurately and dynamically measuring objects, distances and dimensions of objects and items in photographs.



Simply put, “Photograph It. It’s Measured!”

uPhotoMeasure Allows Anyone To:

• Take a picture with a digital camera, (or a cell phone/tablet with integrated camera)
• Download a photo into UPhotoMeasure Desktop or upload to the Browser-based Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud site with UPM SaaS Workspace for post-measuring and processing annotations.
• Instantly measures anything within the photo with a few clicks of the mouse, and saves photo.

How it Started:

uPhotoMeasure was launched in 2005 when founder, Paul Minor, who was running a general contracting business in Southern California, got fed up and frustrated with having to keep measurements by hand and to constantly revisit construction sites or material vendors with missing information about dimensions at his  work sites.   Initially Paul developed a desktop Windows-based software solution for measuring images in photos using a uniquie "DigiTarget" method of image reference points, and after testing his initial version decided to apply for a patent.

Then, after consulting with NASA about some measurement software they developed for use with the Shuttle Program after the Columbia disaster, Paul licensed additional key Photogrammetry software from the space agency that enabled the measurement of geometric properties of objects from photographic images across multiple angles and planes.

A Granted Patent for:  Method and apparatus for photographic measurement

Paul applied for a patent on his creation in April 2005 and amended it for wireless & camera applications in 2009.  Several years later the Patent was approved in March 2011.   The biggest surprise was that his powerful software would not only be used by the construction industry, it can be used by almost every industry!    


Discussions with NASA:

In 2008, Paul learned about the work in photographic measurement software development that was underway at NASA as a result of the Columbia diaster where they were using it to perform the measurement of debris falling off the shuttle for forensic analysis.   This new "Photogammetry" software turned out to be quite useful to DigiContractor's new product as well as an additional, related NASA programs.  So the company obtained a license for each technology.   Paul wanted to use the NASA technology to enhance the capabilities of uPhotoMeasure so that it could measure objects at different angles and in different viewing planes.


In 2011 DigiContractor was featured in the NASA Publication called, “Spinoff” talking about uPhotoMeasure technology.

Even though the shuttle fleet has been retired, the program continues to enhance everyday life through spinoff technologies that have emerged from its pioneering innovations.   To View the NASA Spinoff 2011 Report Click the "Spinoff" Graphic at left.  To View DigiContract case history click the "Shuttle" Graphic at right.

Originally developed to measure the dimensions of items in a photograph for construction purposes, uPhotoMeasure can be applied to calculate measurements from a photo for a variety of applications—from landscaping or flooring projects to crime scenes or auto accidents.

“We dissected the NASA version and then we incorporated some of that technology into ours. It’s a benefit to our algorithms and gives an added level of accuracy,” says Minor. “NASA partnerships are beneficial because they provide access to the technologies that are being developed at the Government level. They’re not in business to take these technologies to market, but we are.”

Extending uPhotoMeasure Desktop to the Cloud:

uPhotoMeasure started out as a stand alone Desktop PC solution and was later upgraded and enhanced to become deployable over the internet as a Multi-Tenant-based SaaS Solution that allowed uPhotoMeasure to offer workspace storage and photo-based project management solutions. It’s based on a SaaS Platform that has been purpose-built for Cloud-based delivery of Enterprise-grade workspace applications.

Currently DigiContractor is working on updating its online platform with new HTML5 Enhancements and adding a Mobile uPhotoMeasure Solution (Forecasted to be completed in Q4 2017) to complete it's software solutions.   These new software additions and integrations will enabled DigiContractor to position uPhotoMeasure as a Complete Photo Measurement, Estimating, and Bidding Platform.


For More Information on uPhotoMeasure, our product roadmap, and future software development innovations, view the pages under the UPM Site Menu above, or click HERE for a Contact inquiry form.

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